Adapter cord


  1. Remove the AC power.
  2. Disconnect the original thermostat from the wall by unplugging the 3-wire harness (we recommend not to discard this wire completely in case you want to reconnect your thermostat).

  3. Remove the original thermostat.
  4. Connect the 10-pin end of the adapter cable to the evaporator board.
  5. Connect the 4-pin end of the adapter cable to the XMATCH

  6. Connect the cables to the XMATCH following the color code indicated.
  7. Connect the colored wires to the 24VAC thermostat following the color code.

  8. Connect the power cables to the XMATCH terminals.
  9. Energize the air conditioning.
  10. Install your thermostat and it should turn on.

Updated on April 10, 2023

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