1. Aiming at the A/C, press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the LED turns red. When the light turns solid RED, release the button.

  2. Cuby Off will send a signal approximately 1 time per second, to find a protocol, this may take a few minutes. Make sure the infrared transmitter is pointed at the A/C at all times.
  3. Cuby Off will send a signal approximately 1 time per second, to find a protocol, this may take a few minutes. Make sure the infrared transmitter is pointed at the A/C at all times.
  4. Every time your A/C makes a sound (beeps), press the button. Try to make it in less than a second and only press 1 time for each sound. It is possible that the A/C beeps more than once, each time it beeps it is necessary to press the button 1 time as soon as it does. This process may take a couple of minutes.

  5. Once the protocol is assigned, the LED will flash green rapidly and then turn off and the Cuby Off will be configured for your A/C. When the LED is off, press and release the button pointing to the A/C to validate that it is the correct protocol. When doing this the A/C should make a sound. Try turning the A/C on with the original remote and then pressing the Cuby OFF button and the A/C should turn off. If it is not working, it will be necessary to repeat this configuration process.

Configure your Cuby Off according to the space

Each space has different needs, you can configure your space to have a better reading.

Bedroom: If someone can sleep in your space/area, it will be considered a bedroom, including rooms with a sofa bed. This is relevant in night mode, so it does not turn off the air when people sleep.

Space size

Small: Aproximately 8m. linear
Large: More than 8m. linear is considered a large space.

Configure your space:

  1. Press and hold the button on the back-side of your Cuby Off until it flashes another color than red, then each time you press the button, it will turn on a different color each time, each color represents a different space:

    Green – Bedroom
    Blue – Living room with sofa bed
    Yellow – Small living room / dining room
    White – Large living room / dining room
    Pink – Office
  2. When you get to the color of the desired space type, release the button and you have chosen that mode. (the led will flash for 10 seconds, then it will turn off and the mode will be saved.)

  3. Validate that the mode you have chosen is correct: each time you press the button of your Cuby Off, the LED will light up in the color of the mode you have chosen.

Configure the current time

When you use the Cuby Off in a bedroom or somewhere where a guest is going to sleep then you must configure the current time (just the hour) so that the Cuby knows when to switch to night mode.

You must use a 24-hour time format where 1 am is 1 and 24 is 12 am

  1. Press the button for 10 seconds. The light will first turn red and then start blinking (color depends on the current mode) and then it will turn OFF. Once it turns OFF you can release the button.
  2. Once you release the button the light will turn White for a second.
  3. If the light remains White for more than 3 seconds, then there is no time configuration, and you can continue to step 4. If after the White light the Cuby starts flashing in a qcyan color, then there is a current time configuration, and each flash represents 1 hour. If you count the total flashes, it Will be the current hour the Cuby has. For example, if it flashes 17 times then the current hour is 5 pm (17hr)
  4. Once the LED is solid white then you can configure the hour. Each time you press the button (press and release) it will add 1 to the current hour. So, if you want to configure 3 pm you must press the button 15 times. When you press the button, the light will flash once.

  5. Once you pressed the button the total amount of times is equal to the current hour then you must wait some seconds for the configuration to be applied.
  6. Once it is applied the Cuby will start flashing in a cyan color to let you know the current time that was configured. Each flash represents 1 hour.


Once you configured the device you must place it in the correct spot.

  1. Pick a place in the ceiling far from any ceiling fan and not in front of the air conditioner.

  2. Make sure that the IR transmitters in the Cuby point directly to the A/C and that there are no objects in between the IR transmitter and the A/C.

  3. Keep the sensor away from Fans (at least 1.5 meters or 5 feet away) and do not place it in front of the A/C.

  4. You can use the included double-sided tape or a screw to attach the mounting plate to the ceiling.

  5. Slide the Cuby into the mounting plate.

Installation examples

Each space is different and may require special considerations.

Livingroom + Dining + kitchen

Try giving priority to the living room and Dining table.

Bedroom with ceiling fan

You can place the sensor in a corner close to the pillow side of the bed, far from the A/C and ceiling fan.’

Big Studios

Give priority to the place where people sleep.

Bedroom without Fan

Living room with Fan

Bunk beds

When you have bunk beds you can place the sensor on the wall.

Updated on August 3, 2022

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