Wall control for Cuby G4.

AA Batteries

2x Bateries AA

Screws and dowels

If you have drywall walls you will need a different type of drill bit, dowels and screws.

Disassemble Accessory

For installation you will need:

  • Drill
  • Smartphone with iOS or Android
  • WiFi connection
  • screwdriver
  • Hammer


To install Aria you will need to remove the crystal panel.

  1. Locate the slot on the edge of the Aria as shown below.
  2. Introduce the disassemble key and pry up carefully to remove the crystal panel.

Proceed with caution when removing the crystal panel, do not drop it.

Back of the crystal panel

Remove the batteries located in the back of the panel to expose the QR code you will scan.


  1. Make sure the Cuby G4 that will be paired with this Aria is already in your account. If not add it now.
  2. Select the “Sensors” option in the App menu.
  3. Click the “+” button to add a new sensor.
  4. Scan the QR code with your cellphone.
    It might ask you to give permission to the app to turn on the camera.
    Alternate method to view QR Code: Press the Cuby logo on the bottom of the crystal panel for 4 seconds and you will see the QR on screen.

  5. Select the Cuby G4 you will pair the Aria with. You can only pair one Aria with one Cuby G4, other controllers and sensors can be paired to one or more Cubies.
  6. Once Aria is paired with Cuby, a screen to configure limits will be shown, configure as you wish. This allows you to limit maximum and minimum temperature of your minisplit.


IMPORTANT: Check for cables or pipes before drilling in the selected location.

  1. Place the base of Aria in the place selected and mark with a pencil at least 2 of the holes.
  2. Using a drill (3/4 in) to make 2 holes where the dowels and screws will be.
  3. Place the dowels.
  4. Screw the back of Aria to the wall, take note of the arrow pointing up in the base as shown below.

Place the crystal panel on the base

  1. Locate the edge in the botom part as shown in the image below.
  2. Insert the edge on the bottom of the crystal to the one on the base of Aria.
  3. Then, push firmly the upper part of the cristal until you hear a click.


Make sure that when you press all the buttons of Aria the A/C will respond correctly. On the contrary make sure that the Cuby that is paired with is in the same room as the A/C and that its IR transmitter is on the line of sight of the A/C.

If Aria isn’t working, check that is paired with the correct Cuby. Make sure you can control the A/C through the app. You must have Internet connection during configuration.

If Aria still isn’t working after the check, please contact support.

To protect its plastic parts, remove Aria only when necessary (battery replacement).

Updated on November 29, 2023

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